Holy smokes! I am so excited! It looks like we have a little bit of frosty weather on the horizon. According to The Weather Channel, the low on Friday is a nipply 27 degrees, followed by a low of 32 degrees on Saturday. It's time to bust out the wood that's been rotting on your back porch since last winter and toss it into your fireplace!

Also, please don't forget to bring your animal friends inside! If you don't have space for them to run wild in your house, please consider a garage or even a bathroom for the night! If you are cold, they are cold too. You could also always get a nice heating lamp at a local pet store to put in their dog/cat house outside. That would do the trick too.

I absolutely love this time of year. Not only do I get to hide the fact that I've been binge-eating tacos and pizza ever since the pandemic, with a nice big sweater, I just love the snuggly vibes of some hot tea on the couch by the fire. It's the best.

Please make sure you drive slowly on the roads. We've had some precipitation lately, and you never know where it might be slick. We don't want to start off the winter with a bunch of crazy wrecks, and you know you can't ever trust other Lubbock drivers to look out for you on the road. Everyone here kind of sucks at driving, SO, be extra aware of your surroundings on the road during the freeze.

Stay cozy!

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