When the roads are backed up in Texas, you might see a motorcyclist splitting lanes and weaving ahead of you in traffic, but is it actually legal? Let's find out what Texas law has to say about lane splitting...

Lane splitting, which is also referred to as "white lining" is basically when a motorcycle drives between two rows of moving or stopped vehicles, right down the center line, and not in their own lane of traffic. You might be surprised to learn that this practice is actually very much illegal in Texas.

Some states like California permit it, but doing it in the Lone Star State could land you in some hot water.

According to an article by The Star-Telegram, the American Motorcyclist Association actually endorses lane splitting. They say that it can help with the flow of traffic and can also reduce the number of motorcycle crashes.

The Texas Transportation Code states that all drivers and cyclists must drive within one single lane. You can, of course, change lanes, but otherwise, you've got to pick one and stick to it.

Just a little food for thought for our friends out there on motorcycles and anyone else that was curious. It's not something I've spent a ton of time thinking about, but I'll say that it is always kind of a shock when a motorcycle zips past you out of nowhere during stand-still traffic.

Do you think it should be legal here? Does it seem safe to you? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below this article, and be sure you look out for motorcyclists on the road!

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