Ever get the itch to rip off your t-shirt for some fresh air while you're driving down the highway? Probably not.


Just in case, you might like to know whether or not you can get in trouble for it in Texas...

So, is it illegal to drive topless in Texas?

Let's see what Texas law has to say about it...

The short answer is 'no', UNLESS, your lack of shirt could be considered indecent exposure. There is no actual law in Texas that prevents you from driving topless. There is, however, a small loophole that sucks the fun out of everything for the ladies.

If you're a woman and your tatas are on full display, you're going to get in trouble for it. That's considered indecent exposure. Men, on the other hand, are welcome to drive around all willy-nilly and topless to their little heart's content.

It doesn't seem fair, especially when you think about the bazingas on your great uncle. There's no way those shouldn't count as indecent exposure.

At the end of the day, we ladies are still stuck living in a man's boring world. Our lady bits are far too powerful and distracting for men to function properly in their presence. Maybe, one day, things will be different. Today is not the day. Bum deal.

Keep scrolling for more interesting Texas-based content in the galleries below, keep your shirt on, and do what you can to destroy the patriarchy in your spare time...

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