If you are part of a local online food group in Texas, you'll likely find folks selling all types of eats, treats, and food-related gifts. Thanks to Texas Cottage Laws, many food items are legal to sell even if made in a home kitchen.

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With Father's Day coming up, you might find people selling trendy mini liquor bottle bouquets, since men haven't traditionally been the recipients of real flowers on their special day. But is it legal? 


In short: absolutely not.

"But I have a TABC certificate!" That's great, and that covers your ability to serve at an establishment with a liquor license. It does not permit you to sell alcohol out of your home. Even if the alcohol is in sealed bottles.

To sell alcohol out of your home, you must either have a liquor license or hire a caterer who does. If that sounds very expensive and like a huge headache, I can assure you it is. An alcohol license costs thousands and takes many days to process.

"I'm going to risk it anyway." Okay, but know that selling liquor without a license can result in fines up to $500 or one-year incarceration, and that's assuming you didn't accidentally sell to a minor, and that no one got hurt after consuming the liquor you sold them. Obviously, the criminal and civil charges you could incur in those situations are much more severe.

"You're just being mean." Well, I haven't tattled on anyone yet. I will say to anyone who wants a liquor bouquet that they can do it themselves by hot-gluing the mini bottle to a dowel. It's not hard or expensive to do. They could also just throw some in with whatever treat box they bought from someone else.

By all means, get creative and make a little extra cash if you want to, but make sure you're following the law when you do because eventually, the wrong person will see your Facebook post.

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