We all have friends who joke about getting smacked with a chancla by their mom when they were being a bratty kid, but is it legal? The answer just might surprise you...

So, can you legally spank your kid with a sandal in Texas?

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash
Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

According to Texas attorney Jesse Hernandez, you should probably NOT spank your naughty kids with a chancla. You can't just use anything to punish your kids. A belt or a brush is specifically allowed under Texas law, but nothing else. Of course, you also can't spank them above the belt, in the face, or leave any welts on them. So...


A chancla is NOT allowed. You'll have to take it up with your auntie or your momma if they popped you with one of those back in the day. I mean, you probably deserved it...but...it's not actually legal.

Check out the video below:

The comment section below this video was hilarious. Here are some of my favorite comments...

"My mom said her chancla identifies as a belt"

"What if the chancla is attached to the belt or brush?"

"My mom would whoop us then give us the number to call CPS."

"I used to get the switch with was a thin ripe branch from a tree. I don't consider that abuse lol it's a fond memory now lol."

"Boi my parents should've been arrested for their bad aim alone."

ANYWAY, now you know...

Chanclas are not legal to spank your kids with. I'm sorry, guys. Don't shoot the messenger...

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