*UPDATE 5/15/2024*

The mystery of the public pooper has been solved and some photos have been removed from this article to protect their identity.

Original text:

Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook before bed and I saw a rather shocking post on the Lubbock County Mugshots page about a suspected public serial pooper in town.

I know.


Someone reported that a man was caught on their video surveillance camera hopping over their fence and dropping a stinky in their backyard. Also, this is allegedly the SECOND time this has happened...

I saved the Facebook post and went to bed. I wanted to take a better look at it today at work to decide if it was article-worthy. When I sat down at my computer this morning, I realized the post had been removed from Facebook.

What happened? Was there really a man in town hopping fences and crapping in people's yards? Was it all a silly joke? Did I dream it?

I had to get to the bottom of it.

I had to know more about the serial pooper.

My editor tracked down information about the pooper post. She doesn't give up easily. It turns out, that the post was removed by Facebook, likely because there is a nearly nude man in it. Makes sense.

She sent me a couple of screenshots of the original post. Does this man look familiar to you? Recognize him from hanging out in your bushes or anything?


If you know anything about this mystery man, comment on this article or email me at Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com...

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