Boy, this sure doesn't look like Buddy Holly to me.

With the North American Rock 'N' Roll Dream Tour kicking off ft. both Holly and Roy Orbison, fans commenting on the YouTube video for this demo hologram aren't buying it, either.

This hologram looks more like an actor and not like a digitized version made from actual Buddy Holly performances.

The spokesman for the company says: "What you are going to see here is true Buddy at his finest and exactly how he would have looked if you saw him on tour."

That statement kind of answers nothing. The hologram producer does say (via Consequence of Sound) that "most of the color shots of him had been retouched over the years and the video is in grainy black & white." I can't tell if he's admitting to using a stand-in or not.

All of this kind of makes it pointless to even have a hologram, because I've seen better lookalikes on stage. Then again, maybe this is Buddy Holly retouched to the point where he doesn't look like the films we've seen. Watch the video below and you decide.

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