Alright, I've humored religious nutters long enough on this.

"Hello, Satan here"


"Yeah boss, we're just not corrupting enough people with sins of the flesh, drugs, thievery, and whatnot, what should we do?"


"Hmmm...send in Yoga Barbie".

That's right, straight from Satan's doorstep to your little girl's toybox, it's Yoga Barbie.

Yes, Yoga Barbie is evil! Let's talk about why. It's because Yoga poses "invoke a hindu deity in the spirit realm." The author left Hindu uncapitalized and so the quote is presented as such. Wow, and all this time I thought that downward dog was invoking dogs in the kennel realm.

As for that author, guess what she's selling? Why that would be a book about false gods with a picture of a woman doing yoga on the front. You've got to hand it to her for being ahead of marketing trends though, right?

Anywho, ya boy is tired of this nonsense. If there's one thing I know, it's that everything that is supposed to be the devil's handiwork has turned out to be...not so much. I've heard claims that Teddy Ruxpin, Furbies, Harry Potter, and, of course, heavy metal music were all in league with the devil. (Okay, maybe some heavy metal is, but only the good stuff.)

Now since I've already got the koo-koos mad, let's go ahead and talk about what else is not satanic, and that would be people who are different than you. It seems to me if you believe in that Bible, you'd know the part about God creating man. Now wouldn't that mean everybody? I'm pretty sure that story started with just two people and went from there.

I would also think that those people who believe in "God's Plan™" would think that he made all the colors, all the sexualities, and everyone right down to former Texas Tech coach Chris Beard. (Hey, we don't have to like it.)

Enough with this nonsense. Love each other and enjoy some stretching.

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