Wanna have fun time in the park? Maybe me some new people? Well, there are some beautiful people having an event this weekend that just happen to be from the LGBT community.


"Pride" isn't just about getting the LGBT community together. It's about getting the whole community together. It's about acceptance and love and showing that we all deserve to be treated as humans.

No matter who you are or what you believe in, you've been in a situation where you haven't been accepted. There are people who judge you, who never even met you. They just hate you because you look or sound like some group that they've been told bad things about. It's ridiculous really. Pride is a great time to show that you don't judge so you shouldn't be judged.

Just imagine a small fair in the park, and you'll be alright. Enjoy dancing, food, fun and people. Things get underway about 1pm at Maxey Park.  This could be a big step for you. Your sexuality doesn't matter, this is about your humanity. Come out, give everyone who wants a hug, a hug and be a good human this Saturday. Find out more about the event here.