Across the country, November 6th is the day we decide the outcome of the mid-term elections. Despite the fact that mid-term elections are far from inconsequential, Texans are among the worst in the nation for voter turn-out. A small bump in folks just showing up could turn this election, and perhaps this state, in a different direction.

This mid-term election will determine a critical senatorial seat, the governorship, lieutenant governor, attorney general and every U.S. House seat, among many other important positions in our government.

That's why I highly recommend checking to make sure you're registered to vote. It's ridiculously easy, just head over to the Texas Secretary of the State's page, pick which credentials you'd like to supply and submit- you'll get an answer immediately. If it turns out you are not registered to vote, you can get the form there and mail it to a voter registrar, or find one locally.

Happy voting y'all, your voice really matters.


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