His name is Chief Wahoo, and it's time for him to hit the trail.

Twins v Indians X
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If you can't see why Chief Wahoo conjures up negative stereotypes with his exaggerated features, then something is wrong with your eyes or your brain.

Let's back up here a second. No one is a snowflake for wanting to send this guy off into history. Most importantly, you aren't losing anything by him going away and probably could not have drawn a picture of him with a gun to your head, so don't dig in your heels just for the sake of digging in your heels. Let's also not get into the 'where's it all going to end' nonsense. As with anything in life, we'll take issues on as needed.

It's called "empathy" or "not being a dick" to the people involved. I don't care if you're Native-American and it doesn't offend you; there's a large portion of your people who it does offend. It has no value and no one loses anything by it going away, while a group of people feels like it will add to their dignity if it's gone.

The team is still called the Indians (and will probably still suck), and baseball history will be kept intact as bands change logos all the time. And before you jump ahead, I'm cool with the name "Indians" continuing. But the first step towards keeping that name is getting rid of the racist graphic that goes with it.

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