With the arctic chill that has made its way to Lubbock, people have many concerns. Some of the most important ones include freezing pipes, power outages, and keeping warm.

Focusing on staying warm, it is important to make sure not only you, but your pets stay warm as well. This is especially important to anyone that has an outdoor dog. While you might think the dog is fine in the cold because of their fur, that is only applicable to breeds that are designed to handle freezing weather. Even then, it is best to not leave your dog out in freezing temperatures.

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Once the weather drops below 45 degrees, older dogs, smaller breeds, sick dogs, or those with short coats may start to feel uncomfortable. Below 32 degrees, these same dogs should not be kept outside for extended periods of time. Once it gets below 20 degrees, no dogs should be left outside for extended periods of time as they can develop hypothermia and frostbite.

This means that you should be providing your dog with a safe, warm, environment for them to stay in. Whether it is an insulated dog house with some sort of heater, or you bring them into your home, it must be done.

Lubbock animal services released a statement reminding everyone of the importance of keeping pets warm in severe weather conditions. They stated that they will have zero tolerance for tethering violations during this winter weather event.

If you see anyone with a dog tethered outside in these freezing temperatures, please contact Field Operations at 806-775-3357 or email at LASfieldoperations@mylubbock.us. You can also call 911 in case of an emergency.

Keep yourself and your furry friend warm this winter. You wouldn’t want to be stuck outside in this kind of weather, so why would you put your pet through that? Be smart and stay safe.

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