Texas is finally starting to feel a hint of the heat to come this year, which has many of us, and our dogs, enjoying the sun.

Just like humans, dogs enjoy spending some time in the sun, lounging, and soaking up the rays. Although they do not get vitamin D from the sun like humans do, the sunlight promotes their overall health.

Although the sun is good for them, they can also get sunburns just like we can. So, it is important to ensure they aren’t getting too much sun, especially if they have light colored or thin coats.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep them safe.

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Just like us, dogs can wear sunscreen. If you know you will be spending a long time in the sun, be sure to apply a spray or wipe sunscreen to your pooch to keep their skin from getting scorched. Also, be sure to reapply if they spend any time in the water.

Protective Gear

You can also purchase UV protective garb for your pet. A lightweight dog sun-shirt, sun goggles, and booties will be your new best friend to protect their skin, eyes, and paws in the sun.


If all else fails, simply try and keep your dog out of the sun for too long. Providing ample shade to cool off in is vital, especially if your dog spends lots of time outside. If you notice they are starting to get a bit too pink while sunbathing, call them inside to prevent them from accidentally getting themselves burnt.

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