A shocking video has been circulating TikTok recently, and I can confidently say you have never seen anything like it.

Even in the latest hours of the night, in the strangest Walmart in a small town, I couldn’t even fathom something like this happening. I don’t even think I could have a dream crazy enough to come up with this.

Although, at the same time, it somehow isn’t that surprising that someone would do something like this.

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What's going on?

Vanya Marinkovic, a self-proclaimed writer, actor, singer, and producer, recently gained traction on TikTok with a confusing and concerning video. She has covered herself in bubble wrap, wearing it like a dress, walking down the liquor isle of a Walmart, with a glass of what she claims to be tequila.

She says, “It is tequila and bubble wrap day at Walmart,” she chuckles, “always having fun.” She then sings a few high notes before the video cuts.

The video has over two million views, around 400k likes and growing.

Apparently, this isn’t unusual behavior for her. If you look at her other videos you will see that she often goes out in public singing and wearing interesting outfits. None of them are as concerning as this bubble wrap and tequila moment.

I hope it is a bit, and she is being ridiculous for views, but I’m concerned something else might be going on. Whether it’s a manic episode, or some other reason to have her acting so strange, I don’t know. But I hope she is okay.

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