I LOVE popcorn. So much so that I have to be disciplined in my consumption, as I have a tendency to "werewolf out" on it. Seriously, the bag itself is not exactly safe around me.

If you're a huge popcorn fan, too (and what Texan isn't?) you'll be excited to learn about a new business opening in Lubbock soon. Somethings Poppin will open soon at 11804 Indiana Ave Suite 300 (formally 1000 Degrees Pizza).

According to Somethings Poppin's Facebook Page, the business is making rapid progress to opening, and according to their website, they'll be fully operational this month (October 2023).

Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash
Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash

Want even more tantalizing clues? According to Local Deal Lubbock, Something Poppin will have around 50 flavors of popcorn and, "old school bulk" candy. Browsing through their website (which is still a work in progress right this moment), I see that they'll also offer popcorn gift tins (perfect for Christmas) and fundraising opportunities. Additionally, it appears they will make up gift baskets as well. My only note is that I do not yet see big, stinky Best Maid pickles but I bet they'll end up having that...because Texas, y'all.

I have really missed Lubbock having a dedicated candy/ snack shop- and this appears to be what my heart has longed for. If you really, really love the smell of popcorn, Somethings Popping is hiring ahead of their opening date. You can get more details here.

I am very excited for something unique like this to "pop" up in Lubbock and I'm confident they'll be met with enthusiasm by Lubbock. I'll be there, too, and apologies in advance for "werewolf-ing out."

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