A Texas woman has claimed that a 300-pound, foaming-at-the-mouth pig has attacked her family multiple times, hurting her daughter and "wrestling" with her disabled mother. However, the police response to this incident seems to indicate that the woman may be exaggerating the story a bit. I'll let you decide after I give you more details about this piggish menace.

Wendy Goldstein of Kingsland, TX, spoke to FOX 7 after an incident in which a pig allegedly attacked her parents, and a child called 911. She said the pig broke into their home and when her mother attempted to pin the pig, the pig overcame her and, "flattened [her] like an accordion." She then claimed that the owner of the pig came by and threatened to shoot her parents if they harmed the pig.


Photo by Kimberly Lake on Unsplash
Photo by Kimberly Lake on Unsplash

After this incident, the pig returned the following Tuesday. Animal Control shot it with a pepper ball and returned it to its owner. Goldstein told the news she was in her home with a hammer and knife to protect her family, "at any cost."

This all sounds pretty scary until you hear what the police said about this incident:

"There are not going to be any charges filed,” the Llano County Sheriff’s Office said. “The pig was not trying to attack anyone. It knocked a person down, and began acting like a dog will sometimes do on a person's leg. It wasn't being aggressive in a way that it was trying to hurt anyone.”

Oh...so the pig was just, um, humping? That doesn't sound pleasant but it doesn't sound deadly either. So either the woman interviewed is being, shall we say, perhaps a little dramatic- or police and animal control are both diminishing a very dangerous situation.

I'll reserve judgment, but here is the video of the interview, which may have a few more clues about what really happened, so you can decide for yourself:

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