Late on Sunday news started to break that Mike Leach was in serious condition and being rushed to a Mississippi Hospital. By Tuesday morning, it had been confirmed that Mike Leach had passed away. The past 48 hours have been an outpouring of love and respect by former coaches, players, and fans for The Pirate and his family.

When the news was official, tributes started to come out dealing with his press conference moments and his stops at Texas Tech, Washington State, and Mississippi State over the last 25 years. One of the most poignant lines in any of the packages released today was a line in this SportsCenter video where Mike Leach is talking about his Obituary stating that he didn't care what they wrote in his obituary because he'd be dead.

Coach Leach, I can assure you your obituary was written with great care and admiration.

Red Raider Nation had a great volume of content pulling Mike Leach clips from his introductory press conference at Texas Tech and many moments across his decade in the Hub City.

Former Players and Lubbock Media Members expressed their thoughts on Leach and how he affected the game of football at such a giant level.

Coaches, The Big 12 Conference, and his former teams also chimed in with their respects.

And of course, there were clips of some of the all-time moments from Mike Leach.

It was also a time for friends of Mike Leach, like this bar owner in Key West to pay their respects.

And a time to remind the football world of the impact Leach will continue to make with an incredible legacy in coaching that will live on in his stead.

There were plenty of viral stories today on Leach but this one of Mike Leach telling the same story to a father and son years a part by coincidence is one of the all-timers.

I was able to discuss Mike Leach and his personal impact on me and the college football world with my co-host on the Gamblin' Gauchos and honor Mike Leach in his final days.

Long live the Pirate.

Remembering Mike Leach 1961-2022

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