This got old a long time ago and it's getting worse.

I was sitting down for my one hour of t.v. this past Tuesday night when we heard an enormous thump sound coming from our front door. Instantly I was not happy because I value that one hour of relaxation very much. Instantly the dogs went nuts and the wife hit the live feed on our security. There was nothing on screen so we assumed a box had been delivered. We went to go grab the box, and there was a solar panel guy there actually hiding out of the camera's view.

I generally do a good job of hiding my mad in situations like this. I do appreciate people hustling, but a number of things made me really mad about this, including how hard my door was hit, the shady nature of them moving out of the camera view, the fact that this was the third visit I've had from these people, and also that I have a very prominent "No Soliciting" sign on my door.

So the guy starts his aggressive pitch which was something about their trucks being down by my neighbor Toby's house (I didn't know I had a neighbor named Toby) all while my dogs were going bat-doodoo crazy (because they thought it was pretty shady too). I told the guy I was not interested with more than an obvious hint of displeasure in my voice, and he started into phase two of whatever speech they are told to tell when a homeowner tells them no. I just turned around and went into the house.  When I am ready, I will call a reputable Lubbock company.

So how much longer do we have to put up with this?  Exactly how many visits do they get at my house before I get to let the dogs out?  I know a LOT of people have had enough of this nonsense and these knuckleheads keep coming back around.  As for me, I'm just not answering the front door at all anymore.

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