I found this completely by accident, but it is some kind of special.

I was actually trying to find the Biggest/Largest German Bakery in Texas and found out two things, first, there are a LOT of German bakeries in Texas, and two, while a lot claim to be the best, I can't find one that claims to be the biggest.

Well as you know, if you keep digging deep on the internet, you'll find something sooner or later. This leads us to the discovery of "The Biggest Concha In Texas". Yes, we switched from German strudels to Mexican conchas that quickly.

So what is a "concha"? Well, it's Mexican sweet bread, also known as pan dulce. As for the flavor, it's a sweet and somewhat buttery-flavored bread. The word "concha" actually means "seashell" which when prepared traditionally they are said to resemble (I actually found how they make them pretty fascinating

YouTube/Texas Eats
YouTube/Texas Eats

So are "conchas" Mexican donuts? I have to say no to that one, but they have a lot in common. Conchas are kind of a "with coffee in the morning" kind of thing, and they are a pastry, but they are baked and far less sweet than any donut I ever had.

So onto "The Biggest Concha" in Texas. This concha is almost the size of a spare tire. I'm not sure any one person could eat a whole one, but I'll bet a lot of people have tried. If you want to make an attempt you'll have to head to San Antonio and hit up La Mejor Bakery.

Texas Eats has the inside story on these big, fluffy treats:

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