Jessa Reed will be appearing in Lubbock on November 8th.

I discovered Jessa Reed a while back due to the video on top. I have been a fan of the "This Is Not Happening" series from the old days and Jessa came up on rotation. It's obvious to me as a comedy fan that this is the centerpiece or closing minutes of her act, but this ladies' timing is incredible. This is some grade A+ comedy that will have you hacking up a lung from laughing too much.

Jessa will be bringing her comedy to Bad Axe Raider on November 8th. The doors will open at 7:30.  Advance tickets are available here.

Come support this show. You could be a part of her future act because I'm sure she'll talk about being in Lubbock and performing at an Axe Throwing Range. You can check out the event invite here.