Tuesday night, after winning the Republican Primary Runoff for Texas 19th Congressional District, Jodey Arrington first appeared on Townsquare Media's News/Talk 790, KFYO- Lubbock and News/Talk 1470, KYYW- Abilene, to discuss his win.

Arrington was interviewed by KFYO/KYYW's Rob Snyder, Ken Corbin and Robert Pratt from "Pratt on Texas".

Arrington credited God, and his family, with supporting him to his runoff win. "We didn't come into this (election) lightly," he said. "This is something that has been in my heart for very many, many years. That's obviously no secret, and I do have a passion for public service.

"This is a big demand on my family. So we prayed about it and we felt it was the right thing (to do), and God just really provided everything we needed. He provided the team, the staff, the volunteer team, the support, the grassroots all throughout the district, the mayors that came on board, the Farm Bureau (endorsement)."

Arrington continued, "I think the grassroots effort, I think, paid off big time for us, because you gotta build those relationships, it takes time. It's hard to do because it's a pretty far-flung set of counties and communities (in the 19th District)."

Robert Pratt asked Arrington if he has any ambitions for a political office higher than Congressman. "This is all I could even think about, and not anything beyond it," Arrington said. "Once I ran on this and felt like, I said, led to do it, and jump in there. This is has just consumed us."

"In terms of being in Congress..... We've got to be more than just one (out) of 435 (representatives) What I mean is, we need a position of leadership where we can have influence over the outcome of some of these legislative and policy initiatives. Whether that's defensive posture or offensive, whether that's Farm Bills or Dyess Air Force Base, that's is the goal..... I think the best way to do that is to have a leadership role," Arrington concluded.

Finally, Arrington received a General Election endorsement from Robert Pratt during the interview.

Jodey Arrington now moves on to represent the Republican Party in the November General Election for Texas 19th Congressional District.  He will be running against Troy Bonar from the Libertarian Party and Mark Lawson from the Green Party.

(Listen to the complete interview with Jodey Arrington in the video at the beginning of this post)

19th Congressional District Runoff
Early VotingTotal Votes
Jodey Arrington (Republican)15,427 (54.76%)25,214 (53.66%)
Glen Robertson (Republican)12,743 (45.23%)21,749 (46.33%)