Update: Texas Tech confirmed the hiring of Joey McGuire late Monday morning. For his part, McGuire had two words about the hiring:

Original story: It's being reported by Lubbockonline.com and multiple other sources that Baylor Bears associate head coach Joey McGuire has been hired as Texas Tech's 17th head football coach.

The McGuire hire seemed like a longshot days after Texas Tech fired Matt Wells after a 5-3 start to the season. As the team was preparing for Oklahoma, there were rumors that the search committee had zeroed in on UTSA coach Jeff Traylor as the main target.

There were rumors that Traylor would bring McGuire along as a member of the staff, but nobody was being considered beyond Traylor and Sonny Dykes initially. Traylor turned down the offer and accepted an extension at UTSA. Dykes also seemingly moved his interest onto the open TCU job.

In the following week, Joey McGuire, Alex Grinch, Sonny Cumbie, Graham Harrell and Anthony Lynn all interviewed for the open position, with more than 20 names considered for the job. There were also clickbait names like Mike Leach and Art Briles that were considered...but not considered.

Ultimately, it was McGuire who won over Texas Tech's search committee with his connections to the State of Texas' high school coaching committee and his time at Baylor coaching tight ends, defensive line, and outside linebackers under both Matt Rhule and Dave Aranda.

McGuire was thought to be the leading candidate for the Baylor job back in 2019 when Rhule went to the NFL. Instead, the Bears opted for Aranda, who retained McGuire and has spoken very highly of him in the past several weeks.

McGuire really built his reputation at Cedar Hill, where his teams won three State Championships at a program where they'd never even won a playoff game before he took over. In fact, in the eight years prior to him taking over as head coach, CHHS didn't have a winning season. He took over in 2003 and won his first state championship in 2006. Then, in 2012, Cedar Hill lost a tough one in the playoffs. They responded by winning back-to-back state championships in 2013 and 2014.

McGuire was inducted into the THSCA Hall of Honor last year and was named the 2013 Texas Coach of the Year by MaxPreps, Dallas Morning News SportsDayHS, and Chevy Silverado after leading Cedar Hill to the Class 5A state title. He earned Class 5A Coach of the Year honors in 2013 by the TSWA, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, NFF Dallas Club, and the Padilla Poll, and he repeated in the 2014 Padilla Poll. In 2006, he was honored by the Dallas Cowboys as the Coach of the Year.

McGuire spent five seasons at Baylor. In those five seasons, the Baylor Bears have recruited in the top half of the Big 12 aside from one season, which involved the coaching change from Rhule to Aranda.

McGuire will likely make the move this week to the Red Raiders with an effort to build a new staff and introduce himself to the players on the current roster and start recruiting for next season.

Texas Tech will confirm soon and should introduce him at halftime of the basketball opener between the Red Raiders and North Florida.

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