As I was driving down 19th Street the other day, I noticed some heavy equipment in front of Josie's Restaurant. Keep in mind, this location has been closed for a while, though the rumor was they were going to rehab it and re-open at some point.

Well, it now looks like the rehab came in the form of tearing the building down.

The building, which was originally a Pizza Hut many years ago, had been on fire not once, but twice in one year: March 26, 2014, and September 25, 2014. (Click to read the stories.)

I attempted to contact several people with Josie's, and none of them would speak to me about the building, whether or not they still own the land or what the future plans were.

I, for one, would like to see them rebuild in that spot. We all need that late night Mexican food fix!

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