Summer is officially on June 20th and we have a peek at what you can expect.

Image by ayotan from Pixabay/Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay
Image by ayotan from Pixabay/Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Average Heat

Here is the best news I can possibly give you; the average expected high temperature in Lubbock in July is around 93 degrees. Of course, high highs and low lows contribute to coming up with that number, but it's not the wild fluctuations you might expect. The story of June and July in Lubbock is really about hitting a plateau then kind of staying there.

The Heat Is On

There is some good news and it's that this pattern tends to last for about a month. High temperatures continue to rise (usually) very slowly between now and July 22nd, then start a slow descent back down. So when will it really be cooler? That answer is about mid-September when the average highs will be around 85.

When Will It Break?

Technically what we're in now is generally considered to be "The hot season" which began back in mid-May and starts ending around September 13th (as a rule, and to give you a date to count down to).

For Hot Weather Fans

Believe it or not, the website where most of this data was found also has a beach/pool score as part of its information. That data looks at when an area is most likely to have clear skies and hot temperatures.  I can't imagine anyone wanting that kind of hot summer dog-days type of situation, but if you want a long stretch of clear skies and hot weather then that's what you'll get between now and late August.

Stay Cool!

Stay cool my friends and make sure you have a nice fan and some backup power just in case! I have a nice list of essentials you may want to have on hand to survive a Texas summer below:

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