Are you keeping up with your New Year's Resolution? Last year, I didn't have much luck, but this year I am still going strong! I'm pretty proud of myself. I got a head start on my dieting and exercise, and I've dropped quite a few pounds over the last few months. I resolved to walk 10,000 steps every single day this year and I've surprised myself with how well I've stuck to it. I think that 2024 might actually be my year...

What about you? Are you still keeping up with your workouts? If you've lost motivation, I highly recommend taking a trip to one of these beautiful Lubbock parks. Below is a gallery of 9 awesome places to walk and run according to locals. You might find one close to your neighborhood to check out.

9 Beautiful Lubbock Parks To Stroll Through and Burn Off Pesky Holiday Calories

These are some really great places to burn calories and enjoy nature in Lubbock.

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Do you have a favorite Lubbock park? I'd love to add it to my list. Feel free to comment below this article wherever you find it, or email me at

And, DON'T beat yourself up if you've lost momentum as far as resolutions go. It's TOTALLY okay! Just keep doing the next right thing and you'll achieve your goals before you know it!

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