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Wes likes to bully me about how old I am on a daily basis while I do nothing but compliment him on his youthful appearance being something like 17 years my senior, but he's a bully and that's not what this blog is about.

This blog is about me admitting my fear and recognizing my limitations when it comes to what I'm willing to do for the sake of my appearance. I am not willing to try botox... With my luck, I'd somehow end up growing a second face if I tried.

I have never really been a "girly girl" and if I had my druthers I wouldn't wear make-up or a dress on the air to present weather forecasts, because let's be honest when it comes to active weather events the last thing we in the weather business think about is how we look.

None the less, I'm in the business which requires that I maintain some semblance of professional appearance so I comply. However, I am terrified of anything beyond make-up or moisturizers to alter or manipulate my natural features, when it comes to my anatomy.

I have had the worst of luck with almost every medical procedure that I have had to endure simply to be able to stand upright, so my fear of chemically, surgically, or biologically altering my body is legit. It's not that I think these alternate methods, procedures, or products are in any way wrong or that I'm righteous enough to do without.

Believe me, I'd go to hell and back to drink from the fountain of youth, it is just that I recognize my limitations, and my luck in life and know almost certainly that as soon as I made it to the steps of the fountain it would likely be immediately after the expiration date and I would end up forcing the opposite intended effect.

So, there you have it and why I'll likely continue to shrivel away into a giant prune-like creature because I'm a super scaredy-cat about things that other people take for granted.

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