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I'm pretty much at the 'you do you and I'll do me' point of the mask-wearing discussion.

I'm personally not dealing with people or businesses that don't require masks. At the same time, I'm not bothering to complain or whatever, either. I just go about my business.

Why someone would go out of their way to be anti-mask is a bit beyond me, but leave it to what is apparently a nutter to try to spread the bad word instead of the good word. I got a message from a friend who works at a Lubbock Walmart that these flyers were dumped in a bin that had masks for sale. Check 'em out, then let's chat a bit.


The print out shows an unknown blonde woman, possibly a stock photo model, wearing a face mask, but it is chained over her ears with a lock.

Here's a close up of the text:


Are you ready for a deep dive into this? I can't find out who the author of this nonsense is. I can't find a "Tory Carpo" on Facebook or the web in general. All I can find is reprints of the passage, but not the writer.

This leads me to believe that this is just garbage meant to divide us -- and possibly stir up a little anti-Islam sentiment, too.

So why don't we just stop there and say this shouldn't have been thrown in the mask bin; it should have been thrown in the garbage bin.

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