One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Lubbock was how different the trash and recycling system is here.

Where I grew up in Arizona, every house had its own individual garbage and recycling bins that you would wheel out to the curb once a week for pickup. That was the only system I was familiar with, so imagine my surprise when I came to Lubbock and saw that it was completely different here.

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In Lubbock, most neighborhoods have dumpsters that a few houses will share for their garbage, and there are no options for having your recycling picked up. If you do want to recycle, you have to load it all up in your car and take it to a recycling drop-off. Because most people don’t want to go through the hassle of taking out their own recycling, most people just don't recycle at all.

For the few that still choose to recycle, they will probably relate to this TikTok that recently went viral.

The video was posted by Ruby D. Lira last week and has over 167,000 views with almost 15,000 likes. The video is captioned explaining how the two people living together are from Austin, Texas and Oregon, so they both like to recycle. However, they're also both in law school and living in Lubbock, so they don’t have much time to take out the recycling.

The video then pans from a single can in Lira's hand to a massive pile of boxes, cans and other recyclable items. It's really shocking seeing the commitment they have to recycle when they have what looks like an entire semester's worth of stuff stacked in their kitchen.

They later followed up that TikTok with another video showing their process of bringing everything to a recycling center. They managed to fill up an entire truck bed and haul it off to a recycling center in town.

As someone who tries to live as sustainably as possible, I really wish it was easier to recycle in Lubbock. Thankfully, at least we have these drop-offs available, but it’s still a bit of a hassle. Many commenters on these TikToks agree and think the city should offer a pick-up option.

Other commenters mentioned that there's a recycling program in Lubbock called Good Earth Recycling, and they will come to pick it up for you. They offer curbside pickup twice a month for $30, or weekly for $50 each month. All you have to do is bag it up, put it on the curb, and they will take care of the rest. For more information on the service they provide, you can visit

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