I have cracked open a new book and was immediately stricken with three disciplines that you should know about.

The book is "The Daily Stoic" and it deals with philosophy from Greek and Roman scholars on "The Art Of Living".  Now, once again, I am only pages into the book, but there are three "disciplines" that the Stoics addressed and I'm going to paraphrase the work in a way that most can understand (It's the way I had to untangle it in my mind).

The three disciplines are controlling what you see, what you do, and how you deal with things you cannot change.  Now, the book again offers this information in a much more flowery way but I had to put it in even plainer terms for my own brain. So let's tear all of this apart on a fictional level.

Let's say there is a chemical spill in Tulia that's freaking you out. Here's how you could deal with that information.

#1. You do not have to see every news report on the situation, you could catch up all at one time or not at all.

#2. You could send help to Tulia in a monetary form or arrange a food drive for its residents

#3. You could realize immediately that you are not practiced in hazardous waste removal and therefore you can be of no help and forget about it.

This is a very, very simple way to mentally deal with things that make you anxious. I'm sure many of you are anxious about the virus or politics and could use these mental coping tools to help you through these events.

I hope to learn more from this book and pass it along. I'll also freely admit that I've just skimmed the surface of the book, but I found untangling these three disciplines immediately helped me so I thought I'd pass it along.

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