I still believe that Lubbock lacks a bit of an identity, and we're not going to get one by running someone else down.

I recently saw an attempt at a viral thread saying even though the wind blows in Lubbock, at least Lubbock doesn't have..., followed by a list of things that's a straight up passive-aggressive swipe at Austin. It mentioned cedar, hipsters, toll roads, an over-inflated opinion of itself, etc.

The list eventually wrapped up the right way, with some of the benefits of living in Lubbock.

While I won't question the motives of someone trying to get folks in Lubbock to be proud of their hometown, I have to ask the question: Why run down another city to achieve that end?

The fact is, it's not necessary, and inviting comparisons works both ways. I could pick any spot on the map, and the negatives there might be positive to someone else, and so on.

Let's let Lubbock be Lubbock until we find out what we're about. We're a great place to raise kids with an emerging sports dynasty, beautiful sunsets, lots of elbow room, and friendly people.

One of these things, or possibly something else, will be the thing we're known for. Until then, being about all of them is good enough.

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