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Alright. I've noticed several of my friends have spotted this car in Lubbock recently, and now I'm even seeing it posted on Reddit. Who is the mysterious person behind it?

The decal cracks me up. It's a very bold statement to place on the back of your vehicle, and I'm a fan of anyone willing to make a bold statement. I've seen tons of different crazy wraps and stickers and decals, but never one quite like this.

I looked up the logo and found that it's actually made by Golf Gods, a golf accessory and supply store. You can buy hats, shirts, keychains and a number of different items emblazoned with "Cocaine & Hookers." Classic.

Some people add a few "I <3 Jesus" or "My Kid Is An Honors Student" bumper stickers to their cars, hoping that police will take that into consideration before slapping them with a speeding ticket.

This guy? Nah. He ain't scared of the police. He's flexing his rights. He's a pioneer. He's a bad mofo. He's innocent until proven guilty, son!


I don't mean to put the owner of the car on blast; I really just want someone to let them know that Chrissy from The RockShow on 94.5 FMX is a fan. I'm honestly considering ordering some merch for my buddies from Golf Gods now. I have a couple of friends that would appreciate the sentiment.

Have you seen this car around town? Comment below or share a picture of it on the FMX Facebook page.

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