Back in March, we told you that Linda's Cafe was moving to make way for the new H-E-B supposedly coming to Lubbock. Well, good news for everyone, Linda's Cafe is back and open once again at a new location.

Linda's Cafe serves up Filipino food right here in Lubbock and has moved from 1901 West Loop 289 after more than five years to 34th & Milwaukee Center, Suite 300, next to the Sealight Nail Spa.

They surprised everyone with their grand opening on April 15th and 16th with an all-you-can-eat special. They're now back and ready to serve you.

This move now makes it one step closer for the supposedly new H-E-B to come in.

As KAMC reported back in 2020, Yates Flooring Center and the Audi location will stay, but everything else is going away to make way for Lubbock's second H-E-B store.

Yates Flooring Center provided confirmation on Friday morning that H-E-B purchased land in West Lubbock.

Yates said: "Yates Flooring Center announced today that H-E-B has purchased land for a second location located at 19th and the West Loop near Frankford and will neighbor Yates Flooring Center."

While there's no set time on when the second H-E-B location will start construction, there are now only two businesses operating at the shopping center that needs to be torn down for it.

While Linda's Cafe does not have any social media or website, you can find them at their new location, 6415 34th Street, Suite 300, Lubbock, Texas to try them and learn more.

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