Parody, in order to be any good, must exist with a core of truth. Or as Mark Twain said it: "It takes a heap of sense to write good nonsense," a quote I love so much that I have it as my "intro" on my Facebook page.

One of my favorite parody publications is The Hard Times, an online publication about punk, rock, and metal music that is definitely tongue-in-cheek with headlines like, "How To Tell Your White Friend You Don’t Like Wilco" and "Dave Mustaine Refuses to Leave Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Until He Speaks to Manager."

These articles are funny because there is truth to the joke, and because they are written by people who genuinely love music- love it enough to poke a little fun at it. And recently, one of those articles was written very lovingly about Texas bands, including one from Lubbock. That's so cool.

Photo by ACAudio on Unsplash
Photo by ACAudio on Unsplash

14 Bands From Texas That Might Be the Only Redeeming Element of That Festering Hell Hole obviously doesn't flinch with its overall joke- that Texas has its, um, issues.

(Let me take a brief digression to clarify that I personally love it here- most of the time.) 

Anyway, the bands mentioned are given unironic and major props- from The Butthole Surfers to The Toadies, and from At The Drive-In to MDC, many of the bands mentioned are absolutely iconic examples of Texas music. Also mentioned is Lubbock's Judiciary:

Formed in 2014, this metalcore band from Lubbock quickly became the talk of the town. More specifically, it’s the devil’s talk, if you want to believe your super-religious aunt who somehow makes a decent living from selling Herbalife products and Mary Kay cosmetics.

Lol, ouch. Is the person who wrote this from Lubbock?

Congrats to Judiciary. May your name come up again and again in conversations about how Lubbock can be cool in spite of itself.

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