I'm going to warn you right now about STRONG LANGUAGE in these videos.

Mr. Sweat is a multiple Lubbock Laugh Off winner, a community leader and a man with a heart as big as Texas. He's also a very large bouncer that you probably want to listen to. That's why it's kind of surprising that the driver's reaction is to try to fight him.

Mr. Sweat and friends had finished up at work and were hitting the Stripes on Avenue A when they witnessed this crash.

The truck was actually headed towards the group and another truck when it veered a bit and hit a pole and drove up it, leaving the vehicle feet off the ground.

The crew was surprised the driver wasn't dead. They tried to help the guy out, but he was either drunk, knocked senseless, or both. Make sure you check out video no. 2 when the driver falls out of his truck like a sack of wet potatoes.

Check out the videos below, and if you're in the mood for comedy, Mr. Sweat will be headlining a Mother's Day Showcase at C.C.'s.

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