Anna Cecilia Wetzig of Big Burger Crafts fashioned a tiny version of Lubbock's infamous FMX studio and we are totally amazed.

Wetzig asked for a video and some photos of the studio several months ago and then spent countless hours cutting pieces of paper, making tiny little posters, filling the little shelves with itty bitty CDs, and making tons of miniature band stickers.

She even nailed the on-air sign outside of the door with a working light. It's freaking awesome.

Wetzig told 94.5 FMX:

I did it little by little over the course of 8 months but I will say I took some long breaks in between so I wouldn’t get burned out and rush through it. Folding the CDs alone took a few days. And honestly, the hardest part was the chairs at least the first one. I figured out an easier way to do it but after that. Also, the mixer board too because I really wanted to make it move, but after a few tries, I threw that idea out and just glued the pieces on. It was tedious work.

Check out her process, and then make sure to take a peak at the final product at the very bottom.

It looks like making those CDs was insanely time-consuming. My goodness. We barely have the energy to make coffee in the morning and get The RockShow started.

I remember her sending me this video when she finished half of the CD cases and thinking "Holy s***! She's really doing it!"

Then, she added a few of the details. I was surprised that she even made the calendars that Wes and I have that remind us of the different national holidays to mention on-air each day.

So tiny! She also even added brick to the outer wall of the studio and lights that actually work. WTF!? I'm shook.

You can see just how small the studio miniature is in this next video.

And now, the grand finale. The finished product:

Anna, we absolutely love the tiny studio. You're so awesome. The way that you thoughtfully paired several different popular rock songs with the studio really gets us right in the feels. Thank you so much for this awesome gift. We adore it, and you rock.

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