A "brownout" is actually a term used to describe low power and off and on electrical conditions.

Here in Lubbock, a "brownout" could be used just as easily to describe a severe sandstorm. Over at my place in North Lubbock (about Loop 289 and I 27 out by the airport), we had both. Fortunately we were able to get some dinner together on a propane grill.

Now, backing up a bit, before I started taking the proper pills I used to get FURIOUS whenever I would hear the sound of people eating. It started one day at the movies and from that day forward if I could hear people crunching or chewing it drove me into a rage (not unlike the Hulk, seriously). I can at this point say that I'm mostly over it, because you do not know HOW LOUD PEOPLE CHEW until you're in a house with no electricity (because there is no sound). Keep in mind too, that I had dinner with three ladies, it's not like these were kids that were munching along. Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my personal weirdness with you and mention that we lost power up here for about 45 minutes. I hope you and yours are okay and that you learn to chew quietly.

Here's a tribute to the short lived quiet.

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