I came across this video today and got so excited that someone actually caught this guy in action! Chris, a server at the new Hayashi Buffet, next to the South Plains Mall, is not only great at refilling drinks and making customers feel welcome, but he's also a very talented magician! You just might get a free show if you catch him on the job.

I went with my boyfriend to test the restaurant out a few months ago, and Chris actually waited on us and did a bunch of really cool magic tricks. My boyfriend couldn't stop talking about it when we left. He was like, "Okay, that was awesome. The food was great, and I got a magic show! I'm giving a 5-star review to the new Chinese buffet!"

Have you ever seen him do a trick? Well, here's your chance. Check out the video below and be sure to look for him the next time you're in there. I bet he would be more than happy to entertain you with some magic if he isn't too busy. He's super friendly and has worked as a server in that building for many years, long before it was taken over by Hayashi.

Chris actually told us that he doesn't use much social media, so if you happen to come across him, you might let him know that this video of him performing a trick has gone viral on TikTok. I bet he'd get a kick out of it.

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