The Lubbock City Council voted against a zoning change which would move the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office from downtown to North Lubbock in Thursday's (Sept.27) meeting.

The council heard from many residents who opposed to moving the facility because of security and business success reasons. KAMC News reports one citizen accused the council of using North and East Lubbock as dumping ground for unwanted facilities.

Representatives in favor of the zoning change reminded people the facility was never planned to be a detention center, but instead an ICE processing center.

"They heard ICE, they heard detention center and then jail. Not what this is. It's a processing facility," said one of the representatives. "They bring detainees, do paperwork, hold them there for a short time and then transfer them home or to jail."

Council members Steve Massengale and Jeff Griffith voted yes to the zoning change, while all other council members voted no. For the zoning change to be approved, it needed a super majority of six to one.

This is the second time the idea has been turned down.

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