One of Lubbock's favorite local comedians, Socorro Carrasco, is alive and well after being rescued from his balcony by the Lubbock Fire Department while flames tore through the building.

Carrasco shared an article published by FOX 34 News on the timeline of his Facebook page, and above the post, he said: "For those asking how it went, I was man on balcony. Thank God I had pants on."

Even though his home was just ruined, he sill managed to have a sense of humor about what happened.

I can only hope it wasn't too traumatizing and he will be able to joke about it one day, but for now, it might be a bit sensitive. He also posted a photo of the burning apartment with the title "ball sack." If you aren't familiar with that term of endearment, you probably haven't been rear-ended, stubbed your toe or lost your home to a fire, because that's basically the best thing to say after an occurrence of that nature. Crap.

Carrasco told 94.5 FMX that he "woke up to a disgusting smell of smoke that I still can't get out of my nose or lungs it seems." Everyone in the building was asleep when something occurred, but he still can't say exactly what it was, only that it the fire began downstairs in a main living area. He does, however, believe that it might have been done intentionally by a former disgruntled house tenant.

It's clear from comments on Carrasco's Facebook page that his family, friends and fans are thrilled that he's alive and unharmed. He said the worst thing he lost was his record collection, which melted from the heat. "My Tempurpedic will likely smell like a bbq pit for the rest of my life," he said, adding: "I've lost everything before and everything can be replaced, but I'm just happy I had my pants on because sometimes I don't sleep with pants on. I avoided a Winnie the Pooh situation."

The Lubbock Police Department is still investigating what occurred at the apartment on the 2200 block of 17th street, and no further details have been released. We will update you on the story as it unfolds.

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