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The Lubbock Fire Department was NOT represented at last week's cruise in support of Donald Trump.

Apparently, there were some privately-owned fire trucks involved in The Loop scoot that took place over the weekend. This led to some people objecting over the possibility that Lubbock Fire Rescue was making some political stand.

According to Lubbock Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson, they were not even there:

“The City of Lubbock has received several inquiries regarding the multiple fire apparatus that participated in yesterday’s “Trump Train” parade. No Lubbock Fire Rescue vehicles or on-duty personnel were part of the event. Lubbock Fire Rescue does not participate in political rallies or other events of a partisan nature, and LFR firefighters are prohibited from taking part in political campaigns while in uniform or on-duty.” - Lubbock Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson

Thanks to the City of Lubbock and Lubbock Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson. We can all have our differences, but it's important to know that Lubbock Fire Rescue doesn't check our political affiliation when you need help. That's what all people should strive for: to do good for others, and leave any affiliations or biases at home.

Please spread the word that LFR is committed to doing good for all people in our community. They deserve credit for their hard work (lousy hours) and dedication to what they do.

The Art of Erika Jane America

The Art of Erika Jane America


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