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I love Lubbock Community Theater. They've really dodged the 'rona virus blows and popped back up with innovative and fun theater- albeit virtual. The next round is very exciting- small businesses (and their diehard fans) have a chance to showcase their talent and possibly win a massive prize package, including commercials on Lubbock's Rock Station, FMX!

Lubbock Community Theatre invites you to the 1st Annual Throwdown in the LBK! Local businesses will be competing to see who is the Entertainer of the YEAR!

All talents are encouraged from singing, dancing, comedy, artistry of all kinds. We know there are some hidden talents out there, whether its owners, employees or supporters. All contestants will be judged not only on talent but creativity as well.
The entry fee is $35, which will help keep LCT alive and ready to rock more awesome events like this. And to the victor goes the spoils- and what spoils they are!
$5000.00 worth in Prizes will be awarded to the top two businesses including
Advertising from FOX34 Lubbock
Advertising from KLBK News - EverythingLubbock.com
Radio Spots from FMX and its stations.
Commercial Production from

South Town Productions, LLC
Advertising on LCT's Website
Full and 1/2 Page Ads in all 20/21 season programs

Giftsets full of amazing items from local businesses including

Pecan Ridge,Dirty Deeds Soap,Local LBK, and more.
You don't necessarily have to be an employee or owner of the business, you can play champion to a small business you love. If I had any talent I'd enter for Star Comics, but alas, having a nice radio voice isn't that interesting on film.
LCT will have a diverse panel of judges as well:
Your judges will include representatives from Lubbock Cultural Arts Foundation, Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, Visit Lubbock, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Caviel Museum of African American History, and Local LBK

Ready to showcase your amazing talent for a great cause? Here's the entry deets, and BREAK A LEG!

$35.00 entrance fee
Submissions due by Sept 5th
Email videos and/or questions to heatherm@lubbockcommunitytheatre.org

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