Lubbock-Con 2019

Day 1 of Lubbock-Con 2019 is a wrap! Check out our favorite cosplay (so far) from the show.

There was so much creativity and talent on display at this year's Lubbock-Con when it came to cosplay.

We saw a kid as Ash from The Evil Dead, a Ghostbuster with a Texas Tech hat on (Bust 'Em!), unique takes on Deadpool and Harley Quinn (it's Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey look!), your favorite Lubbock deejay (yours truly) as Black Philip (from The Witch), more Star Wars characters than you could shake a lightsaber at, and a Bane that was arguably more intimidating than Tom Hardy's portrayal of the character in The Dark Night Rises. Seriously, the guy was close to 7 feet tall!

Oh, and whatever the heck that amazing costume in photos #32 and #33 is. (If you know, please drop a line and tell us!)

Thanks to all the cosplayer for making this year's Lubbock-Con even more special.

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