Yes that is Lubbock, Texas, and the Ampitheater in the new Halestorm video. In fact, I fell and laid near paralyzed from the pallet in front of those electrical boxes in the still picture.  You'll also see on stage shots where you can see the easily identifiable back of the metal Amp stage. The action doesn't take long to kick in either.

What's funny about this Halestorm video is that apparently it takes place in the U.S., France, Denmark and maybe Italy, and for some reason Lubbock "represents" the U.S. in the video. You'll see front and back of stage from about :21 to :27 seconds in in the video.

Enjoy and thanks to Halestorm for including Lubbock in their latest video. Also, thanks to the amazingly handsome Aaron Morales for bringing this to our attention. When you see Aaron, please give him all the change you have in your pockets.