I never thought I'd even see Lubbock as a food destination, however, over the last few years, many small and local eateries have been putting Lubbock on the map. In a city with so many choices, some of the best seem to get overlooked.

I recently asked the culinary connoisseurs on Lubbock Restaurant Reviews to give me a list of Lubbock's best hidden gems, and this is part 2. It's okay if you haven't read Part 1, it's not like I'll be resolving a narrative through-line here. But part 1 does have amazing choices.

Thai Kitchen (2302 Texas Ave.)  Thai Kitchen is a delicious fresh choice for excellent Thai food here in Lubbock. The Tom Yum soup is my absolute favorite, with huge shrimps and a fresh, herby taste. The Thai Tea is also a must-order.

All American Eatery (8901 HWY 87)  I have not had the pleasure of trying All American Eatery yet, but it gets rave reviews from folks I trust. Beyond their well-reviewed catering, AAE offers down-home favorites. I am particularly intrigued by the Marsha Sharp Chicken Fried Bacon BLT.

Cast Iron Grill (620 19th Street) I almost didn't include Cast Iron Grill, only because I felt like everybody knew about them. But they are tucked away near the depot district and are only open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch. Not every single person grew up here, so in case you're unfamiliar, Cast Iron Grill specializes in Americana and Southern favorites, such as chicken fry and pork chops that Lubbockites swear by. They also have absolutely incredible desserts.

Burklee Hill Vineyards (1109 Broadway) I am currently kicking myself because I haven't tried Burklee Hill Vineyard's restaurant in the gorgeous and historic Kress Building in downtown Lubbock. I have had their incredible wines. Burklee Hill offers elevated appetizers, modern sandwiches, and incredible sounding pizzas. And you know you'll have the perfect wine to pair with any entree you choose.

Seoul Korean Cuisine (4620 50th Street) Here's where I have to admit that I developed these lists for my benefit as well. I am excited to try Seoul and have heard nothing but rave reviews for this Korean eatery. Seoul offers Korean favorites like Bibimbap and Bulgogi, and other Asian food favorites like Udon and Katsu.

Have I still not gotten to your favorite hidden gem? Don't sweat it yet, as there's certainly a Part 3 incoming soon.

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