In case you were wondering which Girl Scout troupe is the best in Lubbock, I have a firm, clear and definite answer for you: 6311.

I will get to the reasons after I try this new French Toast cookie. It's called a Toast-Yay!, and that's so cute I want to die.

(Various crunching noises)

Okay, so 6311 is generous of spirit, donating cookies to needy DJs. Did you know you can sponsor a rock DJ for the low cost of some Girl Scout cookie boxes?

Now on to my absolute favorites: Lemonades, which are like Oreos but lemon (duh), and don't do that weird coat-your-mouth thing that Oreos do.

(milk slurps)

Anyway, 6311 is also very thoughtful. They remembered 94.5 FMX's birthday is today, January 18th. Perfectly sweet little angel babies! What absolute dolls. Okay, I'm on a diet, but I haven't had a peanut butter sandwich cookie yet.

(satisfied "mmm-hmm's")

(brushes crumbs off my chest and lap)

6311 is also a business-savvy troupe. Sometimes it's who you know, right? Well, they knew to hook us up with their delicious cookies, so now I'm writing them an article. And I'm encouraging everyone to get a box from 6311, because they also clearly rock. And as a former little baby rocker girl myself, we have to support the next generation. That's how you get new Taylor Momsens. And we all love her.

Seriously, thank you, Troupe 6311. You made my day.

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