I have never personally met Bob Fred the tortoise, but if he doesn't get found soon, I fear my heart will shatter. I mean, just look at him:

Pets Plus on Facebook
Pets Plus on Facebook

AN ANGEL. I bet he has the temperament, if not the actual reincarnated soul, of a sweet, elderly man. Bob Fred went missing from Northwest Lubbock (near Erskine and Milwaukee) three days ago and has not yet been located.

I think the trouble may stem from his coloring- which is downright camouflaged in dry, West Texas grasses.

Bob Fred is owned by a former employee of Pets Plus, a local pet store that specializes in many types of animals including lizards and amphibians, for which they are extremely knowledgeable and passionate. So when they found out Bob Fred was missing, they sounded the alarm immediately on Facebook.

Hopefully, Bob Fred hasn't gone too far and has been able to care for himself during this epic journey. The fastest recorded tortoise can reach a speed of .62 miles per hour. Assuming Bob Fred has been at a leisurely pace and has taken breaks to eat grass, sniff things, and do whatever things a tortoise does, he is probably still fairly close to home.

I hope that no one has burgled this tort. I could see someone thinking he is lost or stay and "returning" him to a park or putting him in their own backyard. If that's the case, please take him to Pets Plus so they can return Bob Fred home. Or you can call Sharli at 806-702-6361 if you have him in your possession or have spotted him recently.

Lubbock, let's bring Bob Fred home!

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