Perhaps the best move you can make towards improving your mental health is to never, and I mean never, read the comments on any news story. Especially if there's any opinion attached to that news.

Hell, I've even seen people get ugly and nasty when there was no opinion stated on the news item at all; just reporting flatly on the facts can be upsetting to these lummoxes. Some of y'all act like the writer dookied in your yard.

For your blood pressure's sake, calm down. And before you get upset thinking I'm calling out your political party or world view, re-read this whole paragraph. Did I ever mention any of those?

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If you follow me online or listen to me on the radio (Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.!), I would hope you've picked up on the fact that I personally hold no allegiance to any side...except for one. I'm about to upset the ever-loving s**t out of 90 percent of you.

So take a really deep breath. Get ready for me to shake you to your core.

Nuggies are better than wings. There, I said it.

This is even an emotional issue in my own home. And I have to sit, on the couch I paid American money for, and see others as they slurp skin and cartilage and god-only-knows-what-other-chicken-body-part off of a yellow, greasy bone. It's vile  It's messy. And you always have to make sure none of your animals make it off with a potentially lethal bit of your food droppings. Yuck.

Meanwhile, you can eat a nuggie in its entirety. You can even eat it with a fork if it's a really saucy boy. As a society, we've advanced into the superior chicken product. And that's the clean, efficient, nay, elegant nuggie.

So call me a liberal panty-waist or a redneck right-winger. Actually, call me anything but a winger, because I'm pro-NUGGIE for life.

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