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I realize my image makes the prairie dog seem like the racist jerk, and for that, I apologize to the prairie dog. Unless he actually is racist. In which case, he should just go back in his hole. But one Lubbock man should find the nearest hole, crawl into it and never resurface.

He posted an extraordinarily racist rant on Facebook, and, like any coward, dirty deleted it. Screenshots are forever, though, and the response to his hateful comments is perfect and beautiful. I have, of course, redacted all the names since my buddy Ben found this in the Facebook wilds:

facebook screenshots
facebook screenshots

A couple things to break down here. I think he's saying the people in the photo are illegal immigrants (the photo showed Hispanic men), which he has no evidence for. If he's not saying that, it's even worse, because then the "they" is simply non-whites. Either way, it's racist and xenophobic and this guy is an utter jackass.

I'm supposing the cards he's talking about are Lone Star cards, which provide funds for nutritional assistance. Call me crazy, but I think that in a country with massive resources, we should let literally anyone eat. But here's the thing: if they had Lone Star cards, then they are not illegal immigrants, as illegal immigrants cannot and have not ever been eligible for food stamps. So this guy really does just hate Hispanic people, or he's very stupid, Most likely, the answer is both.

As you can see from the woman's answer, these folks were kind, helpful and generous. And we know from the original poster that they were not illegal immigrants. But even if they were, who cares? How does that really change your day to day life?

We are not getting "ran over" in our city or in our schools. In fact, illegal immigration is continuing to decline. Anyone who legally immigrated should be welcomed with open arms, as we are quite literally a country comprised of immigrants. We know this Facebook poster isn't 100 percent native.

When I worked as a cocktail waitress, I had some customers that I knew were straight-up illegal immigrants. And you know what? They were amazing. They ordered a case of Bud when they got there, never asked me for anything and tipped me well.

We would all be more wiser, more happy and more deserving of grace if we could set aside our prejudices and learn to accept other human beings who are different from us. Except racists. We can hate on them all we want.

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