Arby's is one of the easiest targets for jokes in the fast-food world. Their slogan, "We Got the Meats," sounds concocted by an entry-level marketer on whippets. As for their gyros, while amazingly delicious, let's just say you don't buy them so much as you rent them. It's also possible I just have delicate baby bowels.

Lubbock is getting yet another location of Arby's at 5204 Slide Road that's tentatively set to open in June 2021. And I say, don't slink into the shadows to get your beef 'n' cheddar; you slather that horsey sauce on with pride.

Arby's has done something magical, they've circled back from infamy into a new, self-accepting awareness of where they fit. I particularly like the long-running joke/sponsorship that threaded through FX's Baskets, a brilliant and bitter show about a man who trains in France to become an... art clown? Louie Anderson is a particular treasure as the lead's mother (yes, mother) who, spoiler alert, goes on to buy an Arby's of her own.

Let's face it: there's no better milkshake in the game than a big frosty Jamocha shake. I'm not sure what the "Ja" before mocha means, but I like to pretend it has something to do with reggae music. Arby's has a rather "green" feel to it, after all.

The curly fries? Majestic. The jalapeno poppers? Creamy goodness. And I don't care who you are, unless you've spent your life as a vegan, you almost certainly crave a roast beef at least once a year.

Extra Arby's sauce, please.

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