I love Lubbock. Don't get me wrong. But the 30 minutes or so after a good downpour here on the South Plains makes our roads turn into something like the shower scene in Psycho. Only with less blood and more gasoline.

Admittedly, some intersections are far worse than others when it comes to the torrential flooding and failure of vehicle electrical systems. Trust me, if you're driving a Prius at 98th and Quaker after a cloudburst, just abandon that toaster on wheels and start walking. It's dead as disco.

Driving back after running an errand this afternoon, I was struck at how quickly certain Lubbock intersections turned into playa lakes. Let me run down the worst intersections in Lubbock when it rains:

1. 98th and Quaker.

2. 98th and Quaker.

3. 98th and Quaker.

4. 98th and Quaker.

5. Literally anywhere else.

If you don't believe me? Head over there the second it starts to cloud up, and park next to the United Express. You can actually watch the water rise in the intersection and pour down into the playa lake on the northwest corner by the golf course. It's the craziest darned thing.

Or maybe these photos, taken Monday, July 26th, 2021, might convince you. If you don't mind, I need to get my scuba gear on to head home.

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